Ethylene gas absorbers for the fridge

These little pods absorb the ethylene emitted by fruits and vegetables to keep them fresh up to 3x longer. Ethylene-producing Apricots Avocados Bananas Cantaloupes Honeydew melons Kiwis Mangoes Nectarines Papayas Peaches Pears Plums Tomatoes Ethylene-sensitive Apples Asparagus Broccoli Carrots Cucumbers Eggplants Green beans Lettuce and other greens Potatoes Summer squash Watermelons Michele Bender


Always make stock in a large quantity and freeze it in plastic bags. That way, when you want to make a nice soup or boil veggies, you can simply pull the bag out of the freezer.Charlie Trotter – Charlie Trotter’s, Chicago

Bulk freezing portions

A standard tip for freezing ground foods or thick sauces in small portions is to first put the food into a large freezer bag and press it out as flat as possible, eliminating air pockets. (Making it thin speeds up defrost time due to the increased surface area, and pressing out excess air guards against …

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