Basil Varieties

Left to right): Cinnamon basil, ‘Red Rubin’, bush basil and ‘Greek Mini’. Sally Tagg Sweet or ‘Genovese’ basil is the most popular variety, with its large, fresh green leaves prized for pesto. Lemon and lime basil have a distinctive, citrusy kick to their flavour and scent. ‘Mrs Burns Lemon’ is the best of the bunch. Purple …

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Storing herbs

There isn’t one way to store all of your fresh herbs because herbs themselves fall into two categories: hard and soft. Food52 explains the difference and suggests the right method to keep each type of herb fresh for a longer time. Hard herbs are the ones with woody stems, like rosemary, oregano, marjoram and thyme. …

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When chopping up fresh herbs, don’t ‘bash’ them with the knife — slicing gently will retain more flavour. If you can see lots of stains on the board after chopping up herbs, you were being too rough. Giovanni Pilu