“As well as a good vinegar, I add a slurp of pickle juice [gherkin/dill/anything] to a vinaigrette,” recommends Jill Dupleix. ”Anything that needs a lift – add pickle juice.”

Leftovers into vinaigrets

I seem to always have bits of jams and jelly in my fridge. I use them in my salad dressing. Just melt them in the microwave and add to any vinaigrette. The sweetness compliments the acid. The pectin adds just a bit of emulsifier. And the interesting flavors are endless

Salad seasoning

When seasoning a salad, use coarse sea salt mixed with a little olive oil. It will stay crunchy when combined with the vinaigrette.Paul Liebrandt – Corton, New York City


I always add a pinch of sugar when using tinned tomatoes as it takes away the acidic taste but be careful not to make them too sweet. Sugar also works in vinaigrettes, although again be careful to add just a pinch, it’s like salt in some respects, so can be treated as a seasoning. Angela …

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