Are all salts the same?

The two major brands of Kosher salt – Diamond Crystal and Morton, are very different products.    Cooking magazine editors are no strangers to the complaints department. Frequently, readers make liberal substitutions or skip over steps in recipes. “I cut half the sugar, replaced the white flour with rye, and only used egg whites. This …

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How to pick the right salt or substitute and when to use them

The right amount of salt will elevate food’s flavour.  Good old table salt is perfect for cooking. As any cook will tell you, salt is much more than just a dining table afterthought. “Salt is vital for building layers of flavour,” says Shelagh Ryan, co-owner of London’s Lantana Cafes. “I like to add it at …

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Too much salt?

6 William Meppem Be careful not to overseason slow-cooked dishes. What happens if I add too much salt to my cooking? M. Kennedy If you mean that you are consistently cooking and eating very salty food then you will probably die, most likely from cardiovascular disease. See your doctor. If you have accidently overseasoned a dish, …

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Salting Food

Seriously though, chefs use way more salt than the average home cook and theycontinue to add salt throughout the recipe, tasting it as they go. Here are a few tip videos that I like that help explain some crucial salting techniques: Pre-Salting Chicken – how salting your chicken before doing anything else makes it that …

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Always season meat and fish evenly; sprinkle salt and pepper as though it’s “snowing.” This will avoid clumping or ending up with too much seasoning in some areas and none in others.Mary Dumont – Harvest, Cambridge, MA


My general advice to home cooks is that if you think you have added enough salt, double it.Grant Achatz – Alinea and Aviary, Chicago


To live a long life, use less salt. To live a happy one, use more. Salt is the West’s MSG – it gives food more flavour, and is the main reason restaurant food often tastes better. “Correct” seasoning, to a chef, is as much salt as you can possibly get into the dish without it …

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