I “hate non-functional garnishes” so forget plating up strawberries and mint leaves. Garnishes should work hard and enhance a dish, not just look pretty. Johnny Iuzzini


If you’re creating salsa you don’t plan on consuming in 20 minutes and it contains raw onions, ensure that cold water is used to rinse off these onions. Thoroughly blot them until they’re dry.

Smooth hummus

Want to make great homemade hummus? We knew cooking dried chickpeas instead of using canned results in the best flavour, but Melissa Clark’s trick for getting the best texture was a new one to us. It’s an easy step that leads to a light, fluffy, perfectly smooth hummus. Clark recommends warming the chickpeas briefly in the microwave …

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Chilli oil

This is something that I’ve been doing quite a lot recently for finishing dishes. You can use it over roast vegetables, or if you want over fish, meat, or even soups. I take some olive oil and fry some dry chilli in it, just before the dish is about to be served. I heat a …

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