Speed ageing a steak

Dry-ageing makes a steak taste delicious, but it is a very slow and very expensive process. The good news is there may be a way to do it with fish sauce and something called an umami bomb. Check out this weeks episode of You Can Do This! to see if it’s possible to speed up …

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Cooking the perfect steak

WSVN — Chef Tim Nickey of Komodo in Downtown Miami has an important tip for cooking the perfect steak. He says it’s all about the right temperature. Chef Tim Nickey: “The one mistake that a lot of people make is… they just take the steak right out of the refrigerator, they have a hot grill, …

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Resting meats

I’ve never heard of vegetables tasting better after resting. You always hear this term used in the context of meats, specifically larger cuts of meats such as a steak, roast or whole bird (chicken, turkey, duck). The cooking process results in a certain percentage of water being pushed out, but there is also a percentage …

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Tempering meat

Eggs and milk aren’t the only things chef Jesse Schenker is tempering at his restaurant in New York City. Whenever he’s grilling, searing, or sautéing meat, he always ‘tempers’ the meat by leaving it out an hour or two before so that it comes to room temperature, ensuring a perfectly cooked piece of meat every …

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Cooking steak

To cook a steak, I always start by cooking it on its side, where there is a rim of fat on its narrow edge. I render it down so there’s good, flavourful fat in the pan for the rest of the cooking.Alain Ducasse – Benoit, New York City

Grilling steak

When you grill, pull your steaks out of the refrigerator one hour ahead of time so they can come to room temperature.Geoffrey Zakarian – The Lambs Club and The National, New York City