Buying Seafood

Sometimes it’s hard to pick out the perfect fish! For those of you who wonder what a fresh fish should look and smell like, we have five tips for you from Executive Chef John Critchley from Siren by Robert Wiedmaier! 1. It’s all about the eyes If you’re thinking about buying fish, a good tip to knowing if …

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Swiss govt bans boiling lobsters alive under new animal protection rules

File photo. © Benoit Tessier / Reuters The Swiss government has gone against the wishes of restaurateurs and banned the practice of boiling live lobsters. It comes as part of sweeping new animal protection legislation. The law, which dictates that live lobster and crayfish must be stunned before killing, was passed by the Federal Council …

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Killing Lobsters

Why don’t chefs kill lobsters instead of boiling them alive? I know freezing them ruins the meat but why not just kill them quickly right before putting them into the boiling water? Janera Soloven, Trained chef And how exactly would you propose to do that, by cutting off its head? Time to learn a little …

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Mussels – Safe to eat?

Don’t eat mussels that haven’t opened during cooking? Jane Grigson’s 1973 book Fish Book has been blamed for the widespread belief any mussels that remained unopened after cooking were bad and should be thrown away. Not so – cooking simply weakens the adductor muscles that allow the bivalve to open and close its shell; in …

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Oysters Rockefeller

Oysters Rockefeller originally used absinthe but these days use spinach to achieve the trademark rich green of the sauce, but the original Antoine’s version does not — it uses parsley (along with celery, scallion, olive oil, and capers). Jules Alciatore, proprietor of Antoine’s restaurant in New Orleans, and son of the founder

Frying with olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is actually great for shallow frying, particularly with prawns and other seafood that are cooked at medium heat. Giovanni Pilu

Clam preparation

When purging live vongole (clams) to remove sand from the shells, add some flour to the water. This will cause the clams to spit sand out more quickly. From: Giovanni Pilu