Is brown mince ok?

  If your mince meat is brown, there’s no need for concern – it’s perfectly normal. A home video complaining that old mince was hidden inside new mince and repacked for sale by Pak’nSave has sparked health concerns. The video, posted to Facebook, shows fresh packs of mince with a red layer of meat on the outside, while the interior …

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12 mistakes you’re making when you’re grilling burgers

Grilling the perfect burger is an art form.Flickr/Clemens v. Vogelsang Even though burgers are the quintessential staple of summer barbecues, it’s all too easy to end up with thin, charred hockey pucks instead of juicy patties that melt in your mouth. Luckily, INSIDER has the scoop on tips from professionals, ranging from Food Network stars …

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Thawing meat

Lindsay Keats Always use cold water from the tap to thaw out meat. If you’ve been leaving frozen meat and fish in the fridge to defrost overnight, you’ve been doing it all wrong, according to a Swedish food science researcher. In an interview with Science Nordic, Susanne Ekstedt from the SP Technial Research Institute of Sweden in Gothenburg, revealed the correct way to thaw …

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Sausage cooking

Should you prick sausages first? Why would you do such a thing? Fat is flavour, so pricking your snags will let tasty juices escape. To stop them bursting, cook over a low heat.

Pie Myths

The science behind pie crust and how to use it to make a better pie. [Photographs: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt] The world of pie making abounds in myth, legend, tradition, tall tales, short tales, and other manner of never-been-blind-tested theory. And while learning at your grandmother’s (or grandfather’s) knee may lead you to excellent pie crust—I’m …

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Chinese cooking technique called velveting

This is a common Chinese cooking technique called velveting the meat. Basically, the meat is marinated in egg whites and cornstarch (other optional seasonings may be added, depending upon what flavour you wish to achieve), then refrigerated for about an hour before cooking.  This helps to create a barrier between the direct heat source and …

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