Scrambled Eggs

I used to cook breakfast at a five-star hotel, and when it comes to eggs, I do not mess around. The correct way to scramble eggs involves 3 ingredients, 4 tools, a plate, and an oven. You need: Eggs (three per person, minimum) Butter and salt A bowl A table fork A nonstick skillet (commonly …

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Benihana egg trick

The idea behind the Benihana egg trick is that you throw an egg up in the air, you put your spatula out and it breaks on the spatula and you twist the spatula just slightly and the egg falls down on the griddle. They do this at Benihana egg trick[/caption]

Egg Styles

You know how you like your eggs but do you know how to order them so that they’ll actually be cooked that way? With hundreds of ways to cook eggs, they have an ordering language all of their own. Read through the glossary below so that you won’t be left speechless the next time a …

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Eggs and fridges

If you’ve ever been to a supermarket in the UK, you were probably surprised (if not a little grossed out) to see stacks of eggs hanging out with nary a refrigerated one in site. As it turns out, we might actually be the crazy ones. Business Insider did some research on the conundrum, and interestingly enough, …

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