Things you may not know about eggs

Who doesn’t like eggs? Home cooks post long-awaited Boomerangs to celebrate slicing into their first perfect poach. Whole 30 devotees binge on paleo-friendly devilled eggs. Michelin-starred chefs top silky French-style scrambles with caviar and fresh chives. In 2014, Michael Ruhlman waxed rhapsodic about the humble egg for 256 pages in his cleverly titled book Egg. …

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Scrambled Eggs

I used to cook breakfast at a five-star hotel, and when it comes to eggs, I do not mess around. The correct way to scramble eggs involves 3 ingredients, 4 tools, a plate, and an oven. You need: Eggs (three per person, minimum) Butter and salt A bowl A table fork A nonstick skillet (commonly …

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For perfect scrambled eggs, cook them in a double boiler.

Getty Images Taylor Miller/BuzzFeed Heston Blumenthal, chef and owner of The Fat Duck, cooks his scrambled eggs over a double boiler to make them soft, buttery, and custard-like. The low heat slowly cooks them and prevents them from drying out — perfect eggs every time. Get the recipe here.

The Structure of an Egg

Eggs are pre-eminent among the high biological value protein foods. They contain minerals and vitamins, fat and protein. Eggs are very valuable cooking ingredients because of their many uses. a) The Shell This is the hard outer covering of the egg and consists almost entirely of calcium carbonate. It is pitted with small pores through …

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Uses of Eggs in Cookery

Eggs are eternally useful and versatile. They can be used in many different ways and in many different recipes. As a main dish, particularly for breakfast, they can be served in the shell, poached, fried, scrambled, in omelettes, baked and steamed. When used as a thickening agent, in custards, sauces and soups the egg coagulates …

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Benihana egg trick

The idea behind the Benihana egg trick is that you throw an egg up in the air, you put your spatula out and it breaks on the spatula and you twist the spatula just slightly and the egg falls down on the griddle. They do this at Benihana egg trick[/caption]

Egg Styles

You know how you like your eggs but do you know how to order them so that they’ll actually be cooked that way? With hundreds of ways to cook eggs, they have an ordering language all of their own. Read through the glossary below so that you won’t be left speechless the next time a …

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Eggs and fridges

If you’ve ever been to a supermarket in the UK, you were probably surprised (if not a little grossed out) to see stacks of eggs hanging out with nary a refrigerated one in site. As it turns out, we might actually be the crazy ones. Business Insider did some research on the conundrum, and interestingly enough, …

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Easy-to-peel boiled eggs

Don’t you hate it when you’re peeling a boiled egg and half of it breaks off with the shell? Serious Eats tested several egg-boiling methods to find the most foolproof method to avoid that catastrophe. The factor that made the biggest difference? The temperature you start cooking the eggs in. There might not be a …

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Cooking eggs

“Take your eggs out of the fridge to come up to room temperature before cooking; this will ensure they don’t crack if boiling and will always cook more evenly whatever way you are preparing them.” Michel Roux