Things you may not know about eggs

Who doesn’t like eggs? Home cooks post long-awaited Boomerangs to celebrate slicing into their first perfect poach. Whole 30 devotees binge on paleo-friendly devilled eggs. Michelin-starred chefs top silky French-style scrambles with caviar and fresh chives. In 2014, Michael Ruhlman waxed rhapsodic about the humble egg for 256 pages in his cleverly titled book Egg. …

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Hákarl is the Icelandic Delicacy Gordon Ramsay Can’t Stomach

Visiting a new country always means new sights, sounds, flavors, and aromas. When it comes to Iceland, you can make that “stenches.” Hákarl is a national dish of Iceland that has brought the likes of Anthony Bourdain and Gordon Ramsay to their knees. Why? It’s essentially rotten Greenland shark. One Man’s Trash Icelanders don’t eat …

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Fried Fish Quest

A local holdout in a touristy town, where the fishermen catch—and cook—your meal. For the last two summers, I’ve been attempting to fry the perfect piece of fish. My holy grail is the basket of fish n’ chips at Montauk’s Inlet Seafood. To visualize Inlet’s version, picture your average fried fish—mushy and tasteless with an …

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Speed ageing a steak

Dry-ageing makes a steak taste delicious, but it is a very slow and very expensive process. The good news is there may be a way to do it with fish sauce and something called an umami bomb. Check out this weeks episode of You Can Do This! to see if it’s possible to speed up …

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Ageing fish for Sashimi

Omakase heads to luxury 10-seat sushi restaurant Suzuki, where they use a freezer to age fish before serving it.

Buying Seafood

Sometimes it’s hard to pick out the perfect fish! For those of you who wonder what a fresh fish should look and smell like, we have five tips for you from Executive Chef John Critchley from Siren by Robert Wiedmaier! 1. It’s all about the eyes If you’re thinking about buying fish, a good tip to knowing if …

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Swiss govt bans boiling lobsters alive under new animal protection rules

File photo. © Benoit Tessier / Reuters The Swiss government has gone against the wishes of restaurateurs and banned the practice of boiling live lobsters. It comes as part of sweeping new animal protection legislation. The law, which dictates that live lobster and crayfish must be stunned before killing, was passed by the Federal Council …

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Real Chicken Soup

As a retired chef (13 good restaurants over 3 global sites)..with no illusions, I have an ‘essential’ view. It’s easy. Save ALL cut-offs from vegetables except cucumber, celery leaves (bitter), potato peels (rot) , or anything you don’t want to ‘enhance’ you flavor with….say, cinnamon. Save ALL bones, no matter what carcass – they will …

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