Best Way to Freeze Cooked Rice and Other Grains for Easier Reheating

Whether you’re dealing with leftovers, or planning your meals ahead of time, there’s a better way to freeze your grains. Save your Tupperware for something else and reach for a plastic freezer bag instead. It might be tempting to scoop your grains into an airtight container, pop it in the freezer, and call it good, …

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Cooking rice

Every master of a craft has a particular tool that they favour, and for chef Dale Talde, it’s a rice cooker. “I find the best, and easiest, way to cook rice is by using a rice cooker. You’ll get perfect rice each time!” Chef Dale Talde of Talde

Saving burnt rice

Burned a pot of rice? Just place a piece of white bread on top of the rice for 5-10 minutes to draw out the burned flavour. Be careful not to scrape the burned pieces off of the bottom of the pan when serving the rice.

Cooking risotto

Start with a good carnaroli rice, which produces superior results (Acquerello brand is one of the best). When it’s time to add the rice, stir the grains until they become translucent, add a good lug of dry white wine and cook until it has evaporated. Key to a perfect risotto is a good-quality homemade stock …

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When made properly, risotto’s richness comes from the starchy rice and the stock. As the risotto cooks, stir it with a wooden spoon in rhythmic movements that go across the bottom and around the sides of the pan. The rice should constantly be bubbling, drinking up the liquid as it cooks.Suzanne Goin – Lucques and AOC, …

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