T’tu Lavash

Armenians were making these sweet sheets of dried fruit centuries before the Fruit Roll-Up.   T’tu lavash (“t’-TOO lah-VAHSH”), a traditional fruit leather found throughout Armenia, resembles a super-sized Fruit Roll-Up. The sight of it will likely delight any child hooked on the popular American snack brand, as vendors often sell t’tu lavash in sheets far too …

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Revive yesterday’s batch of cookies with this brilliant trick.

The Royal Wedding Pastry Chef Has a Genius Tip to Save Day-Old Cookies Revive yesterday’s batch of cookies with this brilliant trick. PERRI ORMONT BLUMBERG This weekend, the world will marvel at Meghan Markle’s wedding dress. We’ll also delight at the florals. And of course, we’ll ooh and ahh over the food. Specifically, we can’t wait to see …

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Keeping birthday desserts fresh

‘Cake hack from my chef buddy: store in the microwave,’ Zoë wrote on the image of the half-eaten birthday cake. the former magazine beauty editor explained her reasons for the unusual storage solution. ‘Airtight and doesn’t dry out cake like the fridge does,’ Zoë said.

Food storage

Don’t put your potatoes in the fridge. While that may be glaringly obvious to most, some of the vegetables and fruit on a new list might come as a surprise. Tomatoes, cucumbers and avocado shouldn’t be in there either. As the weather heats up and food seems to spoil sooner, it’s best to know what’s good on …

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I’m a big fan of lactic fermentation, which requires little more than salt and time. I’ve used it most recently to ferment a big pile of assorted charred chiles along with some garlic, to make a pretty sweet hot sauce for a 7 course brunch. Ok, as a bonus, I want to give you two …

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Thawing meat

Lindsay Keats Always use cold water from the tap to thaw out meat. If you’ve been leaving frozen meat and fish in the fridge to defrost overnight, you’ve been doing it all wrong, according to a Swedish food science researcher. In an interview with Science Nordic, Susanne Ekstedt from the SP Technial Research Institute of Sweden in Gothenburg, revealed the correct way to thaw …

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Best Way to Freeze Cooked Rice and Other Grains for Easier Reheating

Whether you’re dealing with leftovers, or planning your meals ahead of time, there’s a better way to freeze your grains. Save your Tupperware for something else and reach for a plastic freezer bag instead. It might be tempting to scoop your grains into an airtight container, pop it in the freezer, and call it good, …

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Store an apple with potatoes?

Store an apple with potatoes to stop them sprouting? An old wives’ tale advised that an apple kept inside a bag of potatoes would stop the green shoots appearing, but it turns out the opposite is true – the ethylene gas released by the ripening apple will promote the sprouting, not hinder it.

Bread in the fridge

Refrigerating anything makes it last longer, right? Actually, no. Bread goes stale at around six times the speed when kept in the coolbox, as it speeds up the process known as retrogradation, in which water separates from the starch and the starch begins to reharden. Toasting stale bread temporarily reverses the process. You should store …

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Soften Brown Sugar

Microwave it in a baking dish covered with a wet paper towel for 20 seconds or put it in a 300ºF degree oven for 5 minutes. Keep your brown sugar soft from now on by storing it with a slice of bread. You can also use a large marshmallow. See more here.