Swiss govt bans boiling lobsters alive under new animal protection rules

File photo. © Benoit Tessier / Reuters The Swiss government has gone against the wishes of restaurateurs and banned the practice of boiling live lobsters. It comes as part of sweeping new animal protection legislation. The law, which dictates that live lobster and crayfish must be stunned before killing, was passed by the Federal Council …

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How to chop kale

Kale grows into deep beautiful colors — purplish red, glowing green and the warm blue lacinato — that get more brilliant with cooking. It isn’t as bitter as other winter greens. When cooked, the leaves hold their shape but go tender, making them perfect for long-simmering soups and stews. Step 1: Wash and dry the …

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Tear lettuce leaves by hand?

The popular belief that tearing lettuce stops its edges browning is based on the theory that it damages fewer cells and limits oxidisation. There’s nothing, however, to prove it’s any less destructive than cutting the leaves with a knife. Both will turn brown at the same rate.

Garlic presses

Essential kitchen tool or a destroyer of garlic flavour? Anthony Bourdain calls the garlic crusher (otherwise known as a garlic press), which crushes garlic into a pulp, an “abomination”, but other chefs claim they enhance garlic by releasing the oils. Knife-cut garlic will caramelise in cooking, unlike pulp, although a crusher will quarantine the slightly …

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