Mistakes – Humour

This is easy for me. My cooking skills are limited to boiling water and making burgers. Still, I can list ten wrong things I do while making that one burger: Never clean up before, during or after cooking. Leave a grand mess of butter wrappers, cheese strips and bread crumbs all over the counter and …

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Mistakes – Heating the pan

Under heating the pan. If you’re searing or stir-frying, the pan should be super fucking hot. For a regular cast iron wok, it’ll take 5-7 minutes for the whole thing to heat up properly. I have fired an employee before for consistently failing to do this. Johnathan Law, Restaurateur

Mistakes – Baking

Substituting baking ingredients based on taste rather than chemical composition. Never substitute anything in baking unless you’re completely familiar with not only the taste, but the exact chemical properties of said substitution. It’s great to experiment, but at least do it in an educated way. Johnathan Law, Restaurateur

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