Santorini Tomatoes

The Greek island’s volcanic soil produces an intensely fragrant, sweet crop. Santorini’s famous cherry tomatoes After Russia shuttered most of its Orthodox churches in the wake of the 1917 revolution, the Greek island of Santorini was faced with a problem: Russian Orthodox monks were their largest export market for wine. Looking for a new cash …

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Make dried tomatoes

You can make dried tomatoes yourself. Cut Roma tomatoes in lengthwise halves, or slice ripe regular tomatoes into half inch slices for drying. Next, lightly salt the open sides and place them salt-side up on a wire cooling rack. Use a cookie sheet to hold the rack and set it in the oven at 190 …

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Burnt yourself? apply a slice of tomato to the burn (wrap in cling film if you can). Melanie Campbell


I always add a pinch of sugar when using tinned tomatoes as it takes away the acidic taste but be careful not to make them too sweet. Sugar also works in vinaigrettes, although again be careful to add just a pinch, it’s like salt in some respects, so can be treated as a seasoning. Angela …

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