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Casu Marzu, Or “Rotten Cheese,” is the Illegal Italian Delicacy Infested With Live Maggots

Visceral disgust can be no better described than by the existence of maggots. Really though — soft-bodied legless larva writhing around in decaying matter? Gag. One way to make it all even grosser is to imagine eating these vermin. Lo and behold, people go as far as breaking the law to do just that. Meet …

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Where Did the Prohibition on Combining Seafood and Cheese Come From?

Fish and dairy can make for a delicious mix, despite popular belief. ALL ILLUSTRATIONS: AÏDA AMER IN A RECENT EPISODE OF Top Chef, a team of contestants puts forth a dish featuring lightly smoked trout and a grated hard, salty cheese. The reaction from the judges is as predictable as it is—to me, at least—completely …

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Stinking Bishop

The story of Britain’s smelliest cheese involves monks, drunks, and endangered cows. Stinking Bishop is an award-winning artisanal cheese. Among these accolades is “smelliest cheese in Britain.” Though it has a subtle, nutty flavor, the Gloucestershire specialty is most famous for its strong aroma, which has been described as putrid and evocative of a rugby …

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Bog Butter

Unearthed after centuries in peat bogs, these blocks of aged dairy have an incredibly funky flavor. In rural Ireland, it’s not unusual for residents to come across a block of bog butter while digging up peat to heat their homes. Incredibly, this butter has often laid buried—in wooden containers, earthenware pots, or animal skins—for hundreds …

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Cheese Ice Cream

Cheddar cheese flavors a classic frozen treat in the Philippines. Few things warrant a bare-footed trot over hot pavement like the promise of frozen treats. Around the world, kids demonstrate a Pavlovian response to the sound of an ice cream truck or the bark of a vendor calling out flavors. But not all children grow …

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A Cheese Caramel

Norwegians buy a special slicer just to eat their brunost. This “brown cheese” has a texture more like fudge than cheddar and a salty-sweet, almost tangy flavour. Brunost is essentially leftover whey from the cheesemaking process that’s been simmered into a sweet, caramelized paste, and left to harden. Diners slice into the finished product and serve it …

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Milk or Tea first?

The tortured question was put to rest in 2003 by Britain’s Royal Society of Chemistry. MIF (milk in first) creates a cup of tea that’s smoother and richer; MIL, a cup that’s more tannic. The chemical explanation involves the degradation of milk proteins. “If milk is poured into hot tea, individual drops separate from the …

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Making your own Butter

Simple method: Pour the cream in a large bowl and beat it using an electric beater till you can see white liquid in the bowl. It took me 20 minutes to get to this stage. Note : The stages to get to this stage is, first the cream got soft peaks, then stiff peaks, then …

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