Brownies without all the sugar

Low-Carb Moist and Decadent Chocolate Brownies Makes: 16 servings Prep time: 30 minutes Cooking time: 35 minutes Ingredients wet mixture 3 free-range eggs 6 free range egg yolks ¾ cup plus 2 tablespoons (165 g) Sola sweetener 6 tablespoons cultured buttermilk 2 teaspoons vanilla extract Melted chocolate mixture 13 ounces (370 g) no added sugar chocolate, chopped (lily’s premium …

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The Belgian candy that sparked an epic vendor battle. A tiny battle rages in Belgium, involving several vendors, a street brawl, a bucket of water, and legal action, all over one of the country’s lesser-known candies: cuberdons. These conical sweets are made from sugar, raspberry flavouring, gelatin, and gum arabic, with a candy shell on …

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What is flour?

Here’s a brief overview, glossed from Harold McGee’s On Food and Cooking, the definitive work of kitchen chemistry: What is Flour? Flour is made by milling wheat kernels into small particles and then sifting them.  Most fours are refined, which means that they have been sieved to remove the germ and bran layers, leaving behind the protein- and …

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Dark corn syrup. Tastes of molasses, but less strong. Makes the cookie more complex in flavour. Johnathan Law, Restaurateur

What happens if I reduce the butter in a recipe?

Baking: What would happen if I lowered the amount of butter a cake or cupcake recipe calls for? Butter is fat, which not only adds moisture, but reduces structure. If you take out too much fat, you’ll end up with something denser and more breadlike. If you’re going to reduce sugar, be careful, because that …

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