Baking – General

Baking – General


The soybean, or as the Japanese call it, edamame, is considered a staple of Japanese cuisine. From tofu to simply salted pods, many common Japanese foods incorporate edamame. And more often than not, these foods are savoury. Zunda is an exception. Flavoring everything from dumplings to mochi, this sweet and salty paste shows another side to edamame. …

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Amarula Brigadeiro

Rich, dense, and usually cloaked in an armor of sprinkles, classic brigadeiros rely on three simple ingredients: condensed milk, cocoa power, and butter. Brigadeiros won their place in history, and their catchy name, as a fundraising treat that helped fuel Brazil’s 1945 presidential election, the first in which all women could vote. Popular lore holds that suffragists …

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Wagashi design manuals

A red peach-shaped wagashi dominates this page. PUBLIC DOMAIN The Fabulous Design Manuals for Japan’s 19th-Century Sweets that range from elegant to surprisingly modern. Across Japan, recipes for elegant wagashi sweets made from adzuki beans, mochi, and agar-agar have been passed down over generations. But that wasn’t always the case. After culinary infusions from ancient China and the Portuguese, wagashi …

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Clear Toy Candy

In the 18th century, children in Pennsylvania would inevitably find a two-for-one gift in their Christmas stockings. Each piece of clear toy candy, a sweet pioneered by German immigrants, lives up to its name. As the treats were shaped like trains, ships, or animals, children could play with them before eating. Once also called barley …

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Art of Baking ‘People Pot Pies’

Assorted people pot pie facial features. COURTESY ASHLEY NEWMAN SPECTATORS HAVE LONG HAD A grotesque affinity for the fictional villain, Sweeney Todd, whose victims are ingeniously baked into human meat pies and sold by his baker accomplice, Ms. Lovett. But what happens when this Victorian “penny dreadful” serial takes a contemporary turn? Two oddities-loving artists have created …

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Magic chocolate petal opening dessert

<iframe width=”738″ height=”415″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”autoplay; encrypted-media” allowfullscreen></iframe> Watch in wonder as this chocolate flower magically opens when you pour over the warm custard. It really is beautiful. Here’s the recipe : 1/4 of a batch of chocolate macaron recipe  fresh fruit (raspberries, blue berries) Chocolate truffle, one per flower you could purchase these or make …

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Chef Nivel Dios

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Cake decoration ideas

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Powdered Ice Cream inside Candy Strawberry

This is a molecular gastronomy strawberry-shaped toffee candy filled with powdered liquid nitrogen strawberry ice cream. This molecular gastronomy recipe is an adaptation of the signature dish “Minus-196° Candy Apple” by Seiji Yamamoto from his Tokyo restaurant Ryugin. Instead of apple form and ice cream, strawberry is used but the process is still the same.

Salt Licorice Ice Cream

In Finland, black licorice gets intensified with a hit of salty, stinging ammonium chloride. Tongue-numbing and herbal, the resulting candy is a popular treat. So popular, in fact, that summertime in Finland now means salt licorice ice cream. Salt licorice ice cream comes in many forms: scoops, soft serve, and ice-cream bars. Fazer, a candy …

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Raindrop Cake

Since the Japanese company Kinseiken Seika created Mizu Shingen Mochi (which became known as “raindrop cake” in English) in 2014, they’ve attracted pilgrims in search of the purest, most aesthetically pleasing thing they could eat. However, photographers need to act fast—the subject melts and evaporates in 20 minutes. The raindrop cake is, by no culinary definition, a cake. In …

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Salt-Rising Bread

Bacteria that cause gangrene are the magic ingredient in this cheese-scented loaf. Women traversing the American frontier didn’t have time to worry about keeping a bread starter. Salt-rising bread, whose rising depends upon neither salt nor yeast, became their solution. Pioneers cultivated bacteria in the potatoes or cornmeal that they mixed with flour to make …

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