Buying Seafood

Sometimes it’s hard to pick out the perfect fish! For those of you who wonder what a fresh fish should look and smell like, we have five tips for you from Executive Chef John Critchley from Siren by Robert Wiedmaier! 1. It’s all about the eyes If you’re thinking about buying fish, a good tip to knowing if …

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How to pick the right salt or substitute and when to use them

The right amount of salt will elevate food’s flavour.  Good old table salt is perfect for cooking. As any cook will tell you, salt is much more than just a dining table afterthought. “Salt is vital for building layers of flavour,” says Shelagh Ryan, co-owner of London’s Lantana Cafes. “I like to add it at …

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Wild-caught salmon that isn’t

Much of the salmon labelled as “wild caught” is actually farm-raised, a report found. Credit Andrew Sullivan for The New York Times The wild-caught salmon sold by restaurants and fishmongers is frequently farm-raised fish that has been mislabelled, said a report released Wednesday. Using DNA analysis, the nonprofit ocean conservation group Oceana studied 82 samples and found …

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1 in 5 Seafood Samples Is Fake, Report Finds

Photo  Twenty percent of seafood samples tested worldwide are different species from what their labels say. Credit Jenn Hueting/Oceana Seafood lovers, are you getting “catfished” at the dinner table? It’s very possible. One in five seafood samples tested worldwide turns out to be completely different from what the menu or packaging says, according to a report on …

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Cooks use vinegar to make pickles, deglaze pans, marinate meats, and add tang to vinaigrettes, sauces, and even desserts. Vinegars are made by adding a bacteria called Acetobacter aceti to diluted wine, ale, or fermented fruits or grains. This creates acetic acid, which gives the liquid a sour flavor. Unopened, most vinegars will last for …

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Basil Varieties

Left to right): Cinnamon basil, ‘Red Rubin’, bush basil and ‘Greek Mini’. Sally Tagg Sweet or ‘Genovese’ basil is the most popular variety, with its large, fresh green leaves prized for pesto. Lemon and lime basil have a distinctive, citrusy kick to their flavour and scent. ‘Mrs Burns Lemon’ is the best of the bunch. Purple …

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Food Labeling

Think of choosing food as choosing a new car. At one time, simplicity ruled. Most people would just find something familiar, salivate at the colour, and buy. Then terms like “hybrid” and “flex-fuel” and “continuously variable transmission” started buzzing around. You had no clue what they meant, but they sounded important so you bought the …

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Choosing a knife

It so depends on your hands and your technique. Contrary to what the weirdos on Telly tell you, there’s not one “correct” technique even though they’re all derived from the same four or five handling instructions. That said, here’s some contemplations as to the right knife for you… If you are familiar and comfortable with a whetstone …

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