The Right Way to Complain

In a perfect world, every restaurant reservation would be seated exactly on time and every steak would arrive precisely cooked to temperature. But dine out often enough and inevitably you’ll find cause for complaint. Whether it’s a casual neighborhood spot, fast-food chain, or a fine dining destination, restaurants are complex operations, meaning a lot of …

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British restaurant fined $94,000 for serving food on wooden boards

Unsplash It’s been found that wooden serving boards are incapable of being hygienically cleaned. A restaurant in Birmingham, England, has copped a hefty fine for serving food on wooden planks instead of plates. Ibrahim’s Grill and Steakhouse was fined NZ$94,000 on January 4 for failing to comply with food safety requirements. According to the Twitter …

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How to carve a turkey

Step by step guide and video on how to carve and serve your Thanksgiving Turkey from Chef Jim Pacini with the Clovis Institute of Technology. What You Need: carving board, chef’s knife (or slicing knife), paper towels, platter, cutting board, long, flexible knife, tongs Follow These Steps: Remove the string tying the legs together, using …

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You must be joking

Twitter/@WeWantPlates Howzat! – Out, according to WeWantPlates! You sit down for a nice meal out, place your order and wait for the minutes to slowly tick by until you can get stuck into your tucker. Finally the wait staff set a dainty dish before you… served on a cricket bat. View image on Twitter Follow We Want Plates @WeWantPlates A hollowed-out …

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Fine Dining

Crisp white linen, sparking glassware and polished silver – the scene is set for a beautiful dining experience. But have you ever felt ill at ease during a dinner party, unsure about which piece of cutlery to use? Or have your table manners drawn unwelcome attention? Perhaps you need a seat at Christopher Lisala’s table. The senior waiter …

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