A meal out could kill my husband. Why do so few restaurants seem to care?

Tens of thousands of New Zealanders have serious food allergies, and hundreds are hospitalised each year, often because hospitality staff have mistakenly served them something they’re allergic to. A new law was supposed to stop that happening – so why has so little changed? When my husband, who is allergic to dairy products – like, …

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Mental Health

Chefs Ben Bayly, Michael Meredith and Brody Jenkins. Long hours, relentless pressure, isolation, lack of sleep, drug and alcohol abuse, a culture of harden up or get out – the restaurant kitchen is not always an easy place to be. Is it any wonder, then, that the industry is said to be in the grips of …

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Is brown mince ok?

  If your mince meat is brown, there’s no need for concern – it’s perfectly normal. A home video complaining that old mince was hidden inside new mince and repacked for sale by Pak’nSave has sparked health concerns. The video, posted to Facebook, shows fresh packs of mince with a red layer of meat on the outside, while the interior …

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Top Tips for Health and Safety in Restaurants

Health and safety are buzzwords in the restaurant industry and most tips are common sense; however, appropriate measures can reduce workplace accidents that can be costly to both restaurateur and employee. The Health and Safety Executive has numerous documented cases of restaurant accidents that could have been preventable from an employee slipping on water from a leaking …

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Chicken Stripes

White striping is becoming more common in chicken – and it’s not a good thing. If you’ve ever seen white stripes on your raw chicken breast and just ignored it, you may want to give it a little more thought next time.Compassion in World Farming According to a new video by Compassion in World Farming …

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Dirty tea towels

Spontaneous combustion to blame for hundreds of fires KENT BLECHYNDEN A fire caused by newly dried tea towels gutted the Backbencher pub in Wellington in June 2012, and damaged several of its political puppets. Nearly 200 fires a year are thought to have been caused by spontaneous combustion, usually involving oily rags, recently dried laundry, …

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How Safe Is Our Food?

Food contamination sickens millions of Americans every year, the Center for Science in the Public Interest reports. When it comes to foods that are regulated by the FDA (meat and poultry are not), the most likely contaminants are fresh fruits and vegetables that are washed or irrigated with contaminated water or not washed thoroughly before …

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Towel safety

A pile of drying tea towels which spontaneously combusted caused the massive fire which ripped through a popular Hamilton eatery. Firefighters fought the blaze at Domaine Restaurant on Victoria St in the Hamilton CBD for more than an hour last Friday morning and remained on scene throughout the day. Fire Safety officer Kevin Holmes said …

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