How do professional kitchens keep their cookware so clean?

Chef Keith Gordon has an excellent answer but he doesn’t go quite far enough. To begin with we who’ve worked commercial kitchens use tools which are specifically designed to take harsh cleaning tactics and still function well. It’s exceedingly rare to find any high polish anything in commercial pots and pans. Instead you’ll find lots …

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Dirty tea towels

Spontaneous combustion to blame for hundreds of fires KENT BLECHYNDEN A fire caused by newly dried tea towels gutted the Backbencher pub in Wellington in June 2012, and damaged several of its political puppets. Nearly 200 fires a year are thought to have been caused by spontaneous combustion, usually involving oily rags, recently dried laundry, …

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“When you’re working … wear gloves and have hand sanitizer on the line. We change the cutting board every two hours.” Juan Santamaria, Momma’s Kitchen, Montvale

Cleaning with beer

“In days of yore, the last bit of beer from spent kegs was collected and used to polish the copper vats in breweries. Gregg Smith, general manager of the Idaho Brewing Company, is keeping the tradition alive by using beer to put a shine on the copper-top tables in his Idaho Falls establishment. “Because of …

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Soy sauce is an excellent degreaser. Try using it to clean stove grease off your range hood, tea kettle, and backsplash. Adam Dachis

Germs everywhere!

HAMILTON, OH — Restaurant menus may harbor more germs and bacteria than any other surface in foodservice locations. According to studies, menus can have bacteria counts as high as 185,000 per square centimeter-far more than a toilet seat. The reason: Scores of people touch restaurant menus and yet they are rarely cleaned. Of course, people …

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Clean a cast iron skillet

To clean a cast iron skillet, toss about 1/2 cup coarse salt into the pan and rub with a soft sponge. The salt removes excess oils and takes off  bits of food without messing with the seasoning of the pan. Noreen  

Avoid water spots

To get the water spots off chrome faucets, after cleaning rub them with a piece of wax paper- it will keep the water spots and finger prints from sticking to the clean metal. Noreen