Alcohol Density Chart

If you want to layer different alcohol types, you have to remember to have the heaviest spirit at the bottom and then work your way up. If you don’t remember this, all the layers will mix in the glass, destroying the effect. Below you will find an alcohol density chart of some of the most common known spirit’s density. The bigger the difference is between two types of alcohol, the easier it will be for you to layer them.

A rule of thumb is, that the lower the percentage of alcohol, the more sugar is still in the fluid = heavier liquid

Name Density
Grenadine 1.18
Creme de Cassis 1.18
Anisette 1.175
Crème de Noyaux 1.165
Creme de Almond 1.16
Kahlua 1.15
Creme de Banana 1.14
Creme de Cacao 1.14
White Crème de Cacao 1.14
Coffee Liquor 1.13
Parfrait d’Amour 1.13
Cherry liqueur 1.12
Green Crème de Menthe 1.12
Strawberry liqueur 1.12
White Crème de Menthe 1.12
Blue Curacao 1.11
Galliano 1.11
Amaretto 1.10
Blackberry Liquor 1.10
Apricot Liquor 1.09
Tia Maria 1.09
Triple sec 1.09
Drambuie 1.08
Frangelico 1.08
Orange Curacao 1.08
Campari 1.06
Apricot brandy 1.06
Blackberry brandy 1.06
Cherry brandy 1.06
Peach brandy 1.06
Yellow Chartreuse 1.06
Bailey’s Irish Cream 1.057
Midori Melon Liquor 1.05
Rock and Rye 1.05
Benedictine 1.04
Brandy 1.04
Cherry Liquor 1.04
Cointreau 1.04
Kummel 1.04
Peach liqueur 1.04
Peppermint schnapps 1.04
Sloe gin 1.04
Tonic Water, Indian Tonic Water 1.031
Green Chartreuse 1.01
Water 1.00
Tuaca 0.98
Southern Comfort 0.97
Vodka (40%) 0.916
Absinthe 0.89
Everclear (75%) 0.84
Everclear (95%) 0.80
Alcohol, pure (ethanol) 0.789

(Alcohol density chart, courtesy of various sources)

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